“If you put Stan Getz in an echo chamber, playing at the quietest volume possible, his breath audibly escaping around the reed, alongside someone playing a semi-acoustic bass with baroque-guitar technique, you’d get something roughly like “The Box Tree” (Mengi), a gorgeous record of duets between two Icelandic musicians, the bassist Skuli Sverrisson and the tenor saxophonist Oskar Gudjonsson. The 10 pieces on the album are studies in melodic ebb and flow at even projection. They’re not improvised pieces; they’re well-charted with sweet melodies. (The CD comes in a folded map). Because it doesn’t sound like much else, it can carve out a privileged space for you pretty quickly. It’s a pulse-settler and an order-restorer: It could be the last thing you listen to before you go to bed, or something to lead you into sleep.”

Ben Ratliff, May 10th 2013